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Corporate Care

How Corporate Care Works

child + Friend Family Care has been extended to corporate and community settings. The mission is the same; we want to support you by providing quality, personalized childcare. Whether it is at your office holiday party, a corporate conference, wedding, or any social event. We are also available to place employees for your on-site childcare needs.

Providing your staff and guests with trusted childcare at your events has numerous benefits for your company and/or social event. It has been shown that “corporate care”:

  • Increases attendance
  • Increases productivity and concentration
  • Encourages work and family balance
  • Promotes employee loyalty
  • Decreases guests or employees stress regarding childcare arrangements

We will assemble a team of our trusted nannies to provide exceptional care within your company or at your event. They are reputable and pre-screened (background checks, thorough interviews, and references) childcare providers. In addition to providing excellent staff, we can also handle the entertainment for an additional fee. Our nannies will come equipped with age-appropriate arts&crafts, games, and toys to engage the children.

To arrange childcare for your upcoming event or in corporate settings, tell us more about your company via the Business Profile Form.

If you need to discuss the details of your event, have questions, or request a customized quote, please email

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