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About Us

YOU are our inspiration, our focus, and our friends

Our Inspiration: child + Friend was inspired by the growing market of professional entrepreneurs in Los Angeles. Their creativity, purpose, and expertise is unparalleled. child + Friend wants to to support their endeavors. As a company founded by a doula working with busy entrepreneurs, it was apparent that the needs of the parent and their baby stretch far beyond the day of birth. child + Friend frees parents to pursue their careers by providing trusted, experienced and reliable child care. We are here to support your family!

Our Focus: We place on-call, date night, and long term professional family nannies. Our goal is to be a dependable, community-oriented resource for parents. The agency specializes in supporting the parenting style and childcare preference of each family by providing caregivers that fit your families needs.

Our Friendship: The agency takes pride in encouraging community and friendship among our families and caregivers by hosting events that build bridges across the ever-dividing highways. As parents you have the opportunity to meet other families and our child care providers. There will be communal birthday parties, educational opportunities, and tons of fun, family focused activities provided by other local child-related businesses.

Become Family: child + Friend’s name truly exemplifies the personal care we provide. Our caregivers are a happy addition to your family. They lighten the load, love and nurture your children, and bring lots of fun! All of our sitters and nannies are truly passionate about their positions as childcare providers.